Zone Tech – Car Vehicle Floor Mat – Universal Fit,All-Weather Rubber Material, Black Color

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★ Give your car the maximum protection that only Zone Tech can provide. Zone Tech has devised a kind of floor mat that keeps you from worrying about dirty things on the floor! The mats are designed to protect your car floor from accidental liquid spills, snow, dusts, mud and even germs! It is the best protection you can ever get during extreme weather.

★ The mats also keep your family safe! The back side of the mat has engineered anti-slip nibs that keep you from slipping, falling. They also keep the mats from shifting. Zone Tech has always been dedicated to provide consumers with the best quality products that will surely give them maximum advantage. Customers’ satisfaction is out utmost priority!

★ The mats are constructed out of Premium Quality Rubber that will surely give your car floor long-lasting protection. The dimensions are approximately 18 x 52 x 1 inches. This kind of rubber will never crack during extreme conditions. You can easily trim the mats to custom fit.

★ Furthermore, these mats are very easy to clean. You will have it clean, fresh and good as new in just a minute. Simply take out the mats and cleanse with soap and water. You won’t have a hard time cleaning them!

Zone Tech brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service!

Product Features

  • ▶ PROTECTIVE – The Zone Tech All-Weather Floor Mat provides protection like no other mats do. These mats keep your car floor, particularly your carpets, from accidental liquid spills, snow, mud, dusts, and even germs. The durable channel design keep your all types of dirt isolated from the other parts of your car interior keeping it dry and clean. They are surely perfect especially during a bad weather.
  • ▶ DURABLE – The mats are engineered out of premium quality rubber that can definitely withstand damaging pressure and objects. You won’t have to constantly change your mats due to damage. The mats offer long-lasting protection.
  • ▶ ANTI-SLIP NIBBED – The back portion of the mat has engineered anti-slip nibs to make the mats stay in place during bumpy or wavy rides. It can also be helpful to prevent the unlikely event of falling.
  • ▶ EASY TO CLEAN – Simply take out the mats and rinse with soap and water. The mats do not have deep fissures that harbor dirt and any unwanted elements so you won’t take time cleaning them!
  • ▶ UNIVERSAL FIT – The mats are engineered in a way that it can be trimmed easily for custom fitting. Use it as a rear matting for any of your vehicle.


Ciamar13 says:

Fantastic product The quality is amazing. This mat was everything we were hoping for. We are definitely buying more for our other vehicles. As a mom with 2 Little ones sometimes is hard to keep up. Protecting our car is important.The shipping was fast and well packed. I absolutely recommend. I have a Hyundai Tucson (2016) and it fits perfectly.

CJ says:

Completely covers the back seat floor which it great! They are a little too long for my 2008 Scion XD, but I love that they are attached and keep the whole back seat floor clean. My car is a small hatchback, I’m sure it will fit a regular size car better.

redhbabe says:

Great value on a rear floor mat. Fits perfectly in the back of my Ford Escape. Was looking for something that would add protection to the carpet and this is perfect and the price can’t be beat.

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