VXDAS EL-50448 Auto Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor TPMS Relearn Reset Activation Tool OEC-T5 for GM Series Vehicle

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Before tire pressure monitoring system works normally properly, the body control module will record ID information of each position in the tire pressure sensor; and use the following methods to read the tire pressure sensor after replacing a tire or wheel speed sensor. Please refer to the specific methods as follows:

Step 1 – Enter leaning mode

Set the gearshift lever to “P”,Put the ignition switch to “ON”,Enter the interface of tire pressure display by DIC,DIC shows “Press Set / Ctrl to re-learn” Press “Set / Ctrl”,The turn signal is lighted for 3 seconds and the horn beep sound twice to enter the learning mode

Step 2 – Read tire pressure sensor information

Start from the front-left wheel,Make the J-46079 or Diagnostic Tool EL-50448 antenna up against the valve core position & close to the rim of the tire sidewall,El-50448 tire pressure tool starts by the start switch,Successful to read the tire pressure sensor information when the horn bleeps once

Step 3 – Same method to read other tire pressure information

Follow the instuction above to read tire pussure of the front-right, rear-right, rear-left wheels,Turn signals is lighted for 3 seconds and the horn bleeps twice when the learning is complete

Product Features

  • TPMS tire pressure sensor on models in & after 2012 can be read, only with some specified diagnostic tools.
  • EL-50448 tpms reset tool can help you reprogram all tires much easier just with 3 steps.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is in the TPMS Learn Mode, and follow the service procedure. Hold tool against the sidewall of the tire, near the valve stem. Depress Learn button while holding the tool against the tire sidewall.
  • Tire pressure monitor sensor activation tool is simple, fast and easy to use, activates the individual TPM sensor with the press of one button.
  • TPMS reset tire pressure monitor sensor tool for GM Series Vehicle for 2010-2013, package does not include the charger and battery.


Alex N says:

Works perfectly. Great tool for quick reset of the TPMS. Be sure to read the instructions and hold this by the tire by the valve stem, not just by the stem itself.

Tim says:

Works better than letting air out of the tire to activate the sensor Works perfect on my 2010 Chevy Malibu; just put the car in learn mode and activate each sensor as the car indicates. Took less than 3 minutes for the entire learning process.

jacob says:

Totally worth it This is Legit it works flat out! I have an 08 avalanche and although my method of programming varied from the instructions included it was still a straight forward youtube search away i programed my amazon bought sensors in about 1 minute and boom all done it doesnt get any simpler than that

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