TRICO Teflon Shield 20-260 Premium Hybrid Wiper Blade – 26″

July 14, 2017 - Comment
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TRICO’s Teflon SHIELD is an all-new crossover style blade. It provides the superior wiping performance of a beam blade with the added protection and styling of a hinged shell encasing the wiper. The wiper element is infused with Teflon surface protector which will withstand very high temperatures, significantly reduce friction and improve wear resistance which ensure a smoother wipe and a longer life.

Product Features

  • Exclusive Teflon surface protector wiping element
  • Exclusive dual-point coupler ensures optimal load pressure on each blade
  • Spring steel beam structure optimizes pressure across wipe area
  • High strength polymer shell safeguards blade from the elements
  • Unit may differ from image shown based on size ordered. Follow instructions included for installation.


RAMGuy says:

Great price. Looks almost like the OEM on my … Great price. Looks almost like the OEM on my 2014 Toyota Avalon … (the plastic isn’t quite as high-end).Worked well during those CA storms. Would buy again.4-star due to no plastic cover to cover the hook (OEM had it) … no biggies, purely cosmetic.

joew says:

Trico Teflon is the best blade. But beware that Honda 2010 CRV does not accept industry standard blade. Trico Teflon is the best blade because of the smooth wipe and no chatter. The lubricated action of the teflon is the trick.HOWEVER, regardless of what all the guides say(including Amazon) – an industry standard blade like this one will not fit on a 2010 Honda CRV. The only thing that fits is a lousy dealer blade. The blade arm requires a blade with a side step. Industry standard blades are directly under the arm attachment. Gee – thanks a pant load Honda.

buystuff54321 says:

Love at First Use I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I was very unhappy with the current Bosch windshield wipers I had on the car. They made squeaking noises for a long time and when it stopped squeaking it started to streak. Before that all I used were the blades from Hyundai which are nice but way too expensive. 

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