NEVER TRAPPED – TWO CarPOW Glow-In-The-Dark Emergency Car Safety Hammers Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker

September 7, 2017 - Comment
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This updated GLOW IN THE DARK design of the emergency car hammer is improved for your safety and a very necessary emergency tool for your car. If you become entrapped in your vehicle for any reason – defective car locks, locked seat belts or a submerged in water – you have the key to your safety with this emergency car hammer – at your fingertips. The CarPOW emergency car will break out your side windows and will cut your seat-belts quickly and easily for your quick escape from danger. This IMPROVED car hammer attaches quickly and securely to your car visor or head rest, and this hammer won’t be lost when you really need it, and there is NO NEED TO DRILL INVASIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE HOLES IN THE INTERIOR OF YOUR CAR. It glows in the dark for retrieval in a low-light situation, and can even be used for self defense in an emergency.

Product Features

  • You can’t lose this auto safety tool – it stays securely attached to your auto visor or head rest
  • Quickly break your side windows and cut your seatbelt in an emergency
  • Get peace of mind without destroying the interior of your car
  • This emergency car hammer GLOWS IN THE DARK – easy to find in low light situations
  • Includes TWO premium car safety hammers – one for you and one for a loved one


Ashleigh B. says:

2 for the price of one… We purchased these car hammers when our local streets started flooding from heavy rainfall. I wanted to ensure that our family would be safe. I guess I didn’t read the description very well, because I didn’t realize that you got two for this price. What a great deal! I really like that they hang from the visor. Other car hammers ask that you install them into a glove box or stick them in the side pocket of your door. Having them it in a location that makes them easy to reach is vital to safely…

Theresa says:

Great for common people use, not for professional This emergency hammer is a must have for all vehicles. There are 2 basic safety features on this hammer. One is the hammer piece itself that is designed to help shatter safety glass. The second is the seat belt cutter. So who would use this? A mother that might need to cut a child out of a seat belt if the vehicle is burning, a person needing to break their window as their car plummets off a bridge into water, or most anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate accident where helping…

Makiki says:

Better to be safe! My score isn’t as high as I would want it to be, only because I haven’t used this products yet and I hope I never will.The fact that I gave this product 4 stars is knowing (the reassurance) that I have something in my vehicle I can use in case of an emergency.

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