Honda CRV Car Navigation Screen Protector,Gycinda Honda CRV EX EX-L Touring 2017 Touch Screen Protector , 9H Stronger Resistance Toughened Glass Film

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Product features:
Pls notice:Dont use with great force bending it
High definition transparent transparent process
Hydrophobic oil repellents to resist scraper automatically adsorb stronger – proof – resistant silky
0.25mm thin and thin technology to experience the comfortable feel
The unique design makes the toughened glass film look thinner and the overall visual effect is better

Functional advantages:
1. 9H surface hardness: the glass film is treated with steel special toughening, with a surface hardness of 9H, which is enough to withstand the scratches on the screen
2. Resistant to blue light: it can intercept short-wave blue light, making it impossible for the light to pass through, thus protecting the eye
3. Hydrophobic waterproofing: the surface adopts advanced nano-coating technology to effectively resist grease and fingerprint, so that the fingerprints and stains can not be stained, and the smooth and bright screen is restored
4. Multiple protection: the combination of materials and process, better performance of the superior properties of various materials, multi-layer armor, careful protection
5. Tactile silk slippage: the protective film surface USES high density nanometer coating to smooth the handle, such as skin feeling, open your sliding enjoyment

Product parameters
Applicable model:Honda CRV EX EX-L Touring 2017
Product size:
Product thickness: 2.5mm
Material: toughened glass film
Weight: 100G
Package size: 300G

Product Features

  • AUTOMATIC ADSORPTION: it has the adsorption capacity, which can automatically absorb the exhaust adhesion!
  • EXPLOSION PREVENTION AND CRACKING: special steel treatment, high impact, burst into a network, safety higher!
  • RESISTANT TO BULE LIGHT: it can intercept short-wave blue light, thus protecting the eye!
  • HYDROPHOBIC/ANTI-FINGERPRINT: TOUGHENED GLASS FILM can only be gently wiped when the screen is dirty, it can be restored as new, and reject the dirty screen!
  • FEEL SILKY: TOUGHENED GLASS FILM USES nano coating, pebble smooth feel, open your sliding enjoyment!


Ana Cristina says:

very perfect, l love it Just installed this in our 2017 CRV & fit and finish,very perfect,l love it

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